HFC Upgrades: DOCSIS to the Rescue!

Harnessing HFC Potential

Searching for lightning-fast multi-gigabit speeds and aiming to harness the power of your current HFC architecture? If you’d like to sidestep the expenses tied to a complete FTTH overhaul, there’s great potential in HFC yet to be unleashed.


Whether your goal involves reducing service areas down to Node+0, transitioning to a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), or unlocking additional bandwidth in both upstream and downstream directions using DOCSIS technology, what you truly need is a partner who comprehends the nuances of meticulously strategizing and crafting these network configurations all the way from your central hub to the customer’s doorstep.

Lynx and HFC

At Lynx, we take pride in our extensive team of experts who possess a deep understanding of HFC Upgrades. With years of hands-on involvement in HFC networks, RF design, creative powering solutions, and diverse network frameworks, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. Simply, provide us with your specifications and outline the upgrade area boundary. From there, leave the rest to us. We’ll handle all necessary permit acquisitions, collaborating seamlessly with your preferred construction contractor to ensure a smooth and flawless upgrade process.

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HFC Upgrade Offerings

  • Land base Acquisition
  • High-Level Design – define service area limits, node boundaries, armchair design (aerial/underground and side-of-road/routing proposals for any new cable placements)
  • Network Field Audits – HFC and Fiber Networks/Infrastructure, Equipment, Pedestal/Vault locations, aerial assessment, drop audit (walkout and/or LiDAR) – verify existing records
  • Fiber Optic Network Transport/Core Design (architecture), and Splicing Packages (DWDM, CWDM, VHUB)
  • Traditional Greenfield/Brownfield RF Design/Upstream Mid split or High split network redesign (bandwidth/spectrum upgrades; 1.2 GHz, 1.8 GHz, etc.) DAA, Node+0, DOCSIS upgrades
  • AC/DC Power Design
  • MDU (Multi-dwelling units), FTTB or HFC Design – New Build, Upgrade, Rewire
  • Commercial Unit/Commercial Complex Design, dedicated strand, xWDM, HFC
  • Small Cell Planning and Engineering (if required)
  • High-level and detailed Bills of Materials
  • Municipal/Regional Consent Drawings, Permit Applications, Mark-up management, Submissions and Approvals
  • Licensed Professional Engineering Drawings and Services, Pole Line Structural Analysis (ESA 22/04)
  • Specialty Permits (P.Eng. as required) – MTO, Railway Crossing, Conservation Authority, Pipeline Crossing, Bridge Attachments, Private Property Approvals
  • As Built Documentation GIS AM/FM input, AutoCAD, or your database

Inside Plant (Head End/Data Centre/Central Office)

  • Survey/Audits
  • New Nodes/Service Areas Design
  • Node/Service Area Segmentation
  • R-PHY (DAA) Planning
  • CCAP Migration/Narrowcast Platform Collapse Strategies and Planning
  • Narrowcast Upgrades and Expansion Planning/Staging: CCAP, Digital TV, Phone, HSI High Speed Internet (DOCSIS), VOD, SDV
  • Transport/Core Planning & Design
  • Decommission Planning
  • AC/DC Power Design
  • As Built Documentation GIS AM/FM input, AutoCAD, your database
  • Specialized: New Head End Design, Head End Optimization, Disaster Recovery Planning, Status Monitoring

We can also provide:

  • Detailed Bills of Materials
  • Turnkey Project Management (Design/Build)
  • Database/Records Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Product Selection Guidance