Beyond Urban Boundaries: Rural Broadband Solutions

Connecting Communities: Bridging the Digital Divide in North America

The pandemic has undeniably underscored the utmost significance of a robust and high-speed internet connection. As a vast number of North Americans have been compelled to adapt their daily lives to an online landscape, it has become evident that reliable digital connectivity is now an essential lifeline.

However, it remains disheartening to observe that tens of millions of individuals across North America, particularly those residing in rural areas, first nations, and tribal lands, are grappling with the acute scarcity of fast and dependable internet connections. This glaring disparity has far-reaching consequences, as it hinders their ability to fully participate in crucial aspects of modern life, such as work, education, and healthcare through telehealth. Addressing this digital divide becomes an urgent imperative to empower all citizens with equal access to opportunities and resources.

By providing robust broadband infrastructure and tailored solutions, we can unlock the full potential of these communities and enable seamless online experiences. By empowering these regions with the digital tools they deserve, we can forge a more inclusive and resilient society, ensuring that no one is left behind in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Lynx & Rural Broadband Initiatives

Drawing on years of experience in both Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial (HFC) technologies, Lynx has positioned itself as a key player in aiding our clients in their endeavors. With an extensive history of collaborating directly with construction contractors, we act as proficient Project Managers, ensuring a seamless design/build process.

Our proficiency in securing Aerial, Underground, and Specialty permits is another vital asset in this undertaking. Lynx has successfully completed an impressive number of kilometers/miles of FTTH design and permitting, contributing to numerous Rural Broadband projects, with the count continuing to rise steadily.

Lynx boasts a sizeable in-house team, skillfully complemented by a network of reliable subcontractors who come into play during peak periods. This ensures that we always have the capacity to meet and exceed the demands of our projects. Our dedication to excellence and reliable solutions propels us to deliver outstanding outcomes, creating enduring partnerships with our clients and contributing to the expansion of high-speed connectivity in various communities.

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What We Do

Our proficiency spans across a multitude of network specifications, topologies, and products, empowering us to deliver high-level and low-level design solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective while remaining construction-friendly.


Our survey, permit and engineering teams ensure that all permits are accounted for, and produced in a precise and accurate manner, as well as meet all municipal, hydro/power, infrastructure and land owner’s specifications. Our goal is to have all permits approved in a prompt manner; compliance, completeness and quality is essential.


For those inclined towards a design/build approach, we offer a network of reliable construction partners, with whom we collaborate throughout Ontario, Canada. By bridging design and construction seamlessly, we deliver end-to-end solutions that promise efficiency, excellence, and satisfaction for our valued clients.

Our Rural Broadband Services

  • Land base Acquisition
  • High-Level Design – define service area limits, node boundaries, armchair design (aerial/underground and side-of-road/routing proposals)
  • Network Field Audits – HFC and Fiber Networks/Infrastructure, Equipment, Pedestal/Vault locations, aerial assessment, drop audit (walkout and/or LiDAR) validate high-level design
  • Fiber Optic Network Transport/Core Design (architecture), and Splicing Packages (DWDM, CWDM, VHUB)
  • Detailed FTTx Network design; Greenfield/Brownfield RFoG, GPON, Blown/Tap, Micro duct connectivity, Splicing schematics and documentation
  • Traditional Greenfield/Brownfield RF Design/Upstream Mid split or High split network redesign (bandwidth/spectrum upgrades; 1.2 GHz, 1.8 GHz, etc.)
  • AC/DC Power Design
  • MDU (Multi-dwelling units), FTTS (Fiber-to-the-Suite) or HFC Design – New Build, Upgrade, Rewire
  • Commercial Unit/Commercial Complex Design, dedicated strand, xWDM, HFC
  • Small Cell Planning and Engineering (if required)
  • High-level and detailed Bills of Materials
  • Municipal/Regional Consent Drawings, Permit Applications, Mark-up management, Submissions and Approvals
  • Licensed Professional Engineering Drawings and Services, Pole Line Structural Analysis (ESA 22/04)
  • Specialty Permits (P.Eng. as required) – MTO, Railway Crossing, Conservation Authority, Pipeline Crossing, Bridge Attachments, Private Property Approvals
  • As Built Documentation GIS AM/FM input, AutoCAD

We can also provide:

  • Turnkey Project Management (Design/Build)
  • Database/Records Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Product Selection Guidance

Additional information can be found at Infrastructure Ontario and the CRTC website.

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